Entrepreneurial Mentors Needed


A process by which an older and more experienced person takes a younger person under her/his wing, freely offering advice, support and encouragement. The older person (the mentor) becomes among other things, a role model who inspires the younger person (the Mentee).
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Will you endure with our young leaders?

Mentoring: from the Greek word meaning enduring --is defined as a sustained relationship between a youth and an adult

We are looking for NOT only Entrepreneurs but we are also looking for people that can teach a valuable skill that our emerging leaders can gain and add to their toolbox of life for their journey.

We are seeking committed, passionate, engaging, supportive and understanding mentors for our Leaders. We desire for them gain real-life experiences with a glimpse of what it would be like to be the entrepreneur in their desired industries. With mentoring they are free to shadow you at your business and attend events (child friendly)  that they can learn and be energized from.

We are asking for a commit of at least an hour a month for 12-months and at least (2) field experiences. If, you desire to make a lifelong lasting impact and a commitment to our emerging Leaders of Natural Born Leaders Academy please fill out an inquiry form. We will be in contact with you for further information. We are thankful for your expertise, passion and commitment to defeating poverty and crime by helping to cultivate young entrepreneurs.