About us

Breaking Generational Cycles of Poverty and Crime by Cultivating Young Entrepreneurs

Royal Sno is part of the Natural Born Leaders Academy curriculum. The Royal Sno bus is our training tool to provide kinestic learning from the Academy to the streets in front of live customers. It gives our young leaders an opportunity to not only apply knowledge learned from the classroom but to sharpen or gain skills.

Royal Sno is a social enterprise that specializes in providing hands-on entrepreneurship education to cultivate a community of future business owners by employing them to operate a Royal Sno Bus. Youth will have the opportunity to work during their summer break while receiving superior education in ownership, business management, servant leadership, and various entrepreneurship topics throughout the school year. 

Royal Sno is committed to not only developing future business owners, but cultivating socially conscious business owners that have a deeper understanding of the power of money and how it’s needed to impact and rebuild their communities. 

Students learn these skills...

Time Management
customer service
work ethic
financial management
leadership skills
communication skills
critical thinking skills

Your support directly impacts the community in more ways than one.